In Place

In Place is a series of watercolors painted in response to the land, its history, and our movement through it. I gathered rocks and soils at places that are mostly familiar to me, or are sites of significant events in Chattanooga’s history, or both; where my current understanding of the place is incomplete and different from others who have walked there before (or who presently walk there). I run, walk, sit, listen, and then paint at each site. Like an early alphabet or collection of maps, these paintings are tracing a language of engagement with the land.

Sites include:
My home
Stringer’s Ridge
Moccasin Bend National Archaeological District
Walnut Street Bridge
Ross’s Landing
Hamilton County Jail
Red Clay State Historic Park Bend 13-web.jpg Bend 3-web.jpg Ridge 7-web.jpg Landing 4-web.jpg 39-bunkbed room-web.jpg 64-front yard-web.jpg Ridge 9-web.jpg Ridge 1-web.jpg St Bridge 7-web.jpg Landing 8-web.jpg Landing 6-web.jpg Bend 2-web.jpg Bend 1-web.jpg Landing 2-web.jpg Landing 1-web.jpg 13-kitchen-web.jpg 55 - berry patch-web.jpg 54 - backyard-web.jpg 40-living room-web.jpg MB 4-web.jpg County Jail 11-web.jpg 52-kitchen-web.jpg County Jail 10-web.jpg Landing 9-web.jpg MB 12-web.jpg Clay 2-web.jpg Clay 3-web.jpg Clay 1-web.jpg Bend 9-web.jpg County Jail 6-web.jpg County Jail 5-web.jpg Ridge 2-web.jpg St Bridge 2-web.jpg St Bridge 1-web.jpg St Bridge 6-web.jpg St Bridge-web.jpg County Jail 1-web.jpg County Jail 2-web.jpg County Jail 3-web.jpg 18 - Garden-web.jpg 22 - Bathroom-web.jpg 28 - Backyard-web.jpg 31-web.jpg 9 - Hallway-web.jpg 12 - Kitchen-web.jpg