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Field Below
Gaining Ground Grocery, Chattanooga, TN

Field Below grew from the connection between mural artist Amanda Brazier’s earth pigment practice and the essential role of healthy soil in agriculture. Incorporating colorful rocks and soils from the
Chattanooga community and local farms and vendors of Gaining Ground Grocery, these murals explore the mystery of what exists beneath our feet and how vital it is to life above ground. Embedded within the strata of the paintings are glimpses of a thriving agricultural ecosystem, both above and below ground: roots, vines, fruits and vegetables, a human hand, and even earthworms and soil microbiota.

Each farm, garden, and backyard plays a vital role in the health of the soil and the planet as a whole. These murals contain pigmented soils from 22 families and farms around Chattanooga, listed below.

Alton Park CommUNITY Urban Farm
2 Angels Mushroom Farm
Bird Fork Farm
Crabtree Farms of Chattanooga
Grow Hope Urban Farm
Ocoee Creamery
Rising Fawn Gardens
Sequatchie Cove Farm
Taking Root Community Garden
Wheeler’s Orchard & Vineyard

Elliot and Judah Brazier
Brockman Family
Dills Family
Doremus Family
Jones Family
Kingerski Family
Ledbetter-Beane Family
Moffitt Family
Glenna Randolph
Saunderlin Family
Wells Farm

This project is a Mark Making initiative, supported by the Chattanooga Food Center, ArtsBuild, Public Art Chattanooga, and Southeast Tennessee Development District.

Video by Jerrod Niles
Music by Signal Mountain (Eric Setterlund and Josh McCausland)